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Technology and drunk driving prevention in Louisiana

In an average year, 10,000 people die in crashes involving a drunk driver. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and automakers have come together to create a system that instantly measures the driver's blood alcohol content. If the driver has a BAC of higher than .08 percent, which is the legal limit in Louisiana and the rest of the country, the car will not start.

The system will either measure the alcohol in a driver's breath or require the driver to touch a screen. The idea is to have such a feature available as part of safety packages on future vehicles. Although there is more testing to be done, the idea has support from members of Congress as well as from leaders within the automobile industry. It's main goals would be to reduce drunk driving in teen drivers, commercial carriers and other targeted driving segments in particular. If successful, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety believes that it could save as many as 7,000 lives a year.

Those who have been in a car accident caused by a drunk driver may be able to seek financial compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. Compensation may be available to pay for medical bills related to back, neck or any other injuries suffered in the accident. Additionally, the victim may be entitled to compensation for lost wages or future earnings.

An attorney may be able to review a car accident case to determine how an injured victim may wish to proceed. In some cases, it may be possible to settle a case outside of court, which may reduce the amount of time needed to come to a favorable resolution.

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