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Samsung truck technology may interest Louisiana drivers

Louisiana drivers may one day see something resembling Samsung's experimental screen technology on display behind commercial trucks on the road. The technology displays a live feed of the traffic conditions ahead of the truck on the rear of the vehicle, making it possible for drivers to see past large trucks on the road. Samsung has expressed that the technology solves the problem of being unable to safely pass a slow truck on a two-lane road. A wireless camera mounted on the grill of the truck feeds into four large screens on the back, making it possible for cars behind the truck to see what the truck driver is seeing and accelerate past in a safe manner.

The Samsung technology was developed and tested in Argentina, which has some of the highest traffic accident rates in the world. Although the prototype truck built to execute the concept is no longer operational, Samsung expressed confidence that the idea could save the lives of many people. The Argentinian government has worked in cooperation with Samsung as the company pursues further testing, approvals and permitting.

Critics have argued that the design of the truck itself may pose additional distraction to drivers and is not likely to end up on United States roads any time soon after its initial testing. Self-driving cars are a popular area of research in the automotive industry, and one observer suggested that these cars are better candidates for safety-focused technology than Samsung's screens.

Unsafe truck driving practices, including semi-trucks that travel too slowly or do not properly share the roads with smaller vehicles, often lead to serious accidents. Those injured in a commercial vehicle accident may be able to seek compensation for any damages caused by a negligent truck driver, including medical expenses and in some cases pain and suffering. Injured victims may wish to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer in attempting to recover their losses.

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