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Crash avoidance systems could help Louisiana drivers

In its recently-issued report, the National Transportation Safety Board has called for all new passenger and commercial vehicles to be outfitted with collision avoidance systems. Although some observers say that the feature could add thousands to the cost of the car, the agency did not seem to be too concerned with that criticism. The chairman of the NTSB said that customers shouldn't have to pay extra for such a vital piece of safety equipment.

When asked for comment, an industry trade and advocacy group said that the choice to buy a car with such equipment should stay with the consumer. However, the NTSB says that the equipment could prevent or reduce the severity of rear-end collisions. These collisions kill an estimated 1,700 people and injure approximately 500,000 more annually, according to the federal agency. The NTSB has repeatedly recommended that such technology be standard.

According to its report, the NTSB said that the severity of over 80 percent of rear-end collisions could be reduced if frontal collision warning systems were implemented. Such a system could both alert a driver that a crash is imminent and potentially help to slow the vehicle down. In some cases, the car could actually brake on its own.

Many car accidents are caused by a driver who is texting while driving, inattentive or otherwise negligent. In many cases, injured victims are faced with both high medical expenses to cover their treatment and a loss of income when not able to work. An attorney for such a victim can examine evidence relating to the incident, including accident investigation reports and the testimony of witnesses, in order to determine whether the filing of a personal injury lawsuit against the driver is an appropriate method of seeking compensation for the client's damages.

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