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June 2015 Archives

Samsung truck technology may interest Louisiana drivers

Louisiana drivers may one day see something resembling Samsung's experimental screen technology on display behind commercial trucks on the road. The technology displays a live feed of the traffic conditions ahead of the truck on the rear of the vehicle, making it possible for drivers to see past large trucks on the road. Samsung has expressed that the technology solves the problem of being unable to safely pass a slow truck on a two-lane road. A wireless camera mounted on the grill of the truck feeds into four large screens on the back, making it possible for cars behind the truck to see what the truck driver is seeing and accelerate past in a safe manner.

Excessive speed linked to 30 percent of fatal car accidents

NHTSA data reveals that road traffic accidents involving excessive speed claimed the lives of 208 people on the roads of Louisiana in 2012. While many would think that a great many of these accidents occurred on interstate highways, the data indicates that the vast majority of fatal speed-related crashes took place on local or collector roads. Accidents involving excessive speed on collector roads, which connect minor roads with major arteries, claimed the most lives according to the statistics.

Technology and drunk driving prevention in Louisiana

In an average year, 10,000 people die in crashes involving a drunk driver. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and automakers have come together to create a system that instantly measures the driver's blood alcohol content. If the driver has a BAC of higher than .08 percent, which is the legal limit in Louisiana and the rest of the country, the car will not start.

Crash avoidance systems could help Louisiana drivers

In its recently-issued report, the National Transportation Safety Board has called for all new passenger and commercial vehicles to be outfitted with collision avoidance systems. Although some observers say that the feature could add thousands to the cost of the car, the agency did not seem to be too concerned with that criticism. The chairman of the NTSB said that customers shouldn't have to pay extra for such a vital piece of safety equipment.

Leading causes of fatal Louisiana car accidents

Many types of behavior can cause fatal car accidents, especially when drivers lose their focus. According to a recent study that was based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration information, operating vehicles without proper equipment caused the most traffic fatalities in Louisiana between 2009 and 2013. Louisiana was also fourth in the nation for both careless or reckless driving fatal accidents and speeding fatalities.