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May 2015 Archives

The Jones Act and maritime worker injuries

Louisiana residents who are employed as maritime workers are covered under the federal Jones Act for their injuries suffered on the job. Under the Jones Act, maritime workers who are injured while at sea due to the negligence of their employer are allowed to file suit against the employer.

Drivers may wish to avoid the roads on certain days

Louisiana residents may be interested to learn that certain days are much more dangerous for drivers than others. Studies show that the most hazardous days on the road are holidays, which encourage travel and alcohol consumption, but other days, such as Friday the 13th, are also strangely unlucky.

Brief glances away from the road increase the risk of crash

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that drivers only look away from the road for a maximum of two seconds. However, Louisiana drivers may be interested in learning that Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety finds that even such brief glances increases the chance of a crash.