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Louisiana driver killed by 18-wheeler

A 61-year old Louisiana man died of injuries following a truck accident. According to a state trooper, a big-rig truck apparently crossed the centerline and struck the deceased man's pickup truck.

The accident occurred on March 18 on U.S. Highway 425. The pickup driver reportedly died at the scene of the crash. Law enforcement officers issued the operator of the 18-wheeler with a citation for careless operation.

We've written in the past regarding the numbers of truck-related accidents occurring on our roads. However, the numbers do not tell the whole story. Taken as a whole, truck accidents are much more severe than the typical motor vehicle accident.

Trucks are several times larger than most vehicles on the road and more difficult to operate. There are a number of blind spots as pertains to trucks making operation particularly difficult. It's almost impossible to bring a truck back under control when it swerves or goes into a skid. And truck accidents are responsible for the most severe types of injuries including paralysis and death.

While trucks serve a useful purpose, care is required when operating such vehicles. Truck drivers need to keep careful attention on the roads at all times. They cannot be distracted from driving while operating a cellphone or be suffering from fatigue after working a long shift.

Personal injury attorneys have the resources to investigate truck accidents and hold responsible parties accountable. This includes the trucker and the trucking company that employs the truck driver. In some instances the manufacturer or individuals responsible for maintaining the truck need to answer for such accidents as well.

Source:, "Wisner man killed in pickup-18 wheeler crash," May 19, 2015

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