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Drivers may be distracted and not know it

Louisiana drivers might be wondering what specifically constitutes distracted driving. Any time a person reaches to tune their radio, drops something and searches for it or checks for text messages, they are driving while distracted. Any time a motorist stops looking at the road for even a split second or removes their hands from the steering wheel, they are at risk of being involved in a car accident.

Distracted driving causes fatalities every year in America. Around 421,000 individuals were injured in accidents involving distracted driving. Estimates reveal that either reading or sending a text while driving causes the driver to quit looking at the road for five seconds. If that driver is traveling 55 miles per hour, it is the equivalent of driving the distance of a football field while being blindfolded.

Some individuals attempt to engage in a hands-free solution to using their cellphone while behind the wheel, hoping that it will serve as a sufficient remedy. However, research about the matter has shown that the driver is still cognitively distracted, making it possible that visual cues that might help to prevent a collision could still be missed.

With over nine people killed daily in America due to a form of driving while distracted, it is expected that drivers will pay attention to the road and avoid negligent behaviors. A careless driver can cause severe injury to another individual. A personal injury attorney might be able to establish a driver's negligence if it is discovered that they were driving while distracted and caused injury.

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