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The growing number of truck-related car accidents

Individuals who frequently drive on Louisiana roadways may not know how many large truck-related accidents happen regularly. According to a report that considered truck-related accidents taking place in 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assessed that 104,000 drivers were injured, and 3,921 drivers were fatally wounded. Nationwide, the organization reported that 333,000 trucks weighing 10,000 pounds or more were involved in car collisions that year.

The number of fatalities increased from 3,781 in 2011 to 4 percent more the following year totaling 3,921. Of those numbers, occupants of other vehicles accounted for 73 percent, non-occupants accounted for 10 percent and operators of large trucks accounted for 18 percent. Research also showed that large truck collisions were more prone to involve multiple cars rather than just a single car.

The most common sources of large truck collisions occur from several different incidents. Two-vehicle collisions involving a truck and another car traveling straight during the time of the collision account for 46 percent of truck accidents. In 12 percent of the accidents, one of the vehicles was driving around a curve. In 31 percent of accidents involving a single car and a large truck, both cars were struck in the front area. In seven percent of the incidents, one of the involved vehicles was either stopped or parked in a traffic lane.

Federal trucking regulations are in place to protect both truck drivers and other drivers from a fatal collision. Laws address issues such as driver fatigue, falsified logbooks, unsecured cargo, improper truck maintenance, negligent truck drivers, speeding and traffic violations. The number of accidents that involve a large truck has led to many lawsuits and settlements against either the operator of the truck or the company they represent. A commercial vehicle accident can be catastrophic in nature.

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