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Man killed after out-of-control driver crosses median

A four-car crash that took place in Lake Charles on Sept. 17 resulted in the death of a 27-year-old man. According to Louisiana State Police, a 21-year-old male driver who is believed to have caused the fatal accident has received criminal charges. His criminal counts include negligent homicide, driving with a suspended license and reckless operation.

The fatal car accident happened along Interstate 10 in Westlake close to the PPG Drive exit. While the accused driver was traveling eastbound in a pickup truck, he reportedly drifted off the road two times. When the driver overcorrected the second time, he crossed the median and entered the path of westbound traffic.

When the driver lost control of his vehicle, the bed cover on his truck came off and fell onto the road. Two drivers who were trying to avoid hitting the object ended up crashing into each other. The driver of the pickup truck then crashed head-on into a Ford. As a result of the accident, the Ford driver was pronounced dead at the scene. None of the other drivers involved in the wreck reported suffering from any injuries.

Family members of a person killed in this type of accident may be able to seek compensation from the driver at fault. During this difficult time, many grieving families choose to enlist the help of an attorney to gather evidence for a successful claim. Although a civil claim will not rely on the outcome of the criminal trial, evidence that the driver was criminally charged for the crash may help strengthen a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: KPLC , "Lake Charles man charged in connection with fatal crash", Michael Cooper and Anne Robicheaux, September 19, 2014

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