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Louisiana doctor faces wrongful death lawsuit after patient's overdose

Pain medication, when taken correctly, can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from chronic pain and other debilitating conditions. However, many Louisiana residents suffer from prescription drug overdoses each year. While an overdose can occur as a result of the patient misusing their medication, a physician may also cause an overdose by prescribing a patient too much medication. Patients may think that since a licensed physician is prescribing the medication, it is safe for them to take. This can lead to severe consequences, including death.

A pain management physician is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after one of his patients died from cardiopulmonary failure stemming from multiple drug intoxications. He is accused of prescribing medications in dosages exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as combining medications that should not be taken together. The son of the deceased woman is also accusing the doctor of facilitating his mother’s addiction to these medications.

The woman allegedly received more than 13 prescriptions for various medications, which totaled over 900 pills, after her first visit to the defendant’s office. These medications included narcotic pain medications, muscle relaxers and psychoactive drugs. When taken concurrently and in high doses, these medications can be extremely lethal.

People trust medical professionals to uphold their oath to help those that are in need. When a physician causes unnecessary pain, injury or death, it is extremely devastating. It may be beneficial to contact a personal injury physician, who has experience handling wrongful death claims. They may be helpful in providing legal counsel that will be valuable to your case.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Indicted doctor sued in civil court after prescribed pain medication leads to death,” Anna Aguillard, Aug. 14, 2014. 

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