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Front crash prevention technology is still fallible

It takes only a matter of seconds to find a news story about a car accident in Louisiana. Why? They happen on a daily basis, ranging from minor fender-benders to catastrophic crashes that victims don’t survive. Technology is constantly being developed and improved to prevent these collisions from occurring.

A common type of accident is a rear-end accident or front-end collision, depending on which vehicle you are in. Auto manufacturers have developed a system allowing a car to detect when a collision with a forward vehicle is imminent. Radar or laser cameras installed around the front end of a vehicle can measure or sense when the car is too close to the one ahead.

Lower rated systems simply notify the driver of a possible collision, others slow the vehicle down to either prevent a collision or at least reduce the severity of possible injuries and those with the highest safety ratings combine both.

It would be absolutely wonderful if this technology and all other crash prevention systems could be perfected to the point where collisions are entirely avoidable, where injury can’t occur. It is a great vision, but it isn’t reality. It isn’t the world that we live in today. This technology isn’t perfect. Some systems don’t even detect a collision if the forward car has already stopped. For now, we have to deal with what limited systems are available.

Car accident victims may be grateful if this type of technology helps reduce the severity of their injuries, but what about the ones that they still suffer? Even injuries considered only moderate lead to high medical bills, can put a person out of work temporarily while the patient recovers and, ask any victim, these moderate injuries are still incredibly painful.

Source: Claims Journal, “Front Crash Prevention Systems in Autos Key to Preventing Crashes,” May 29, 2014

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