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6-year-old loses life in Louisiana bus accident

If there is one thing that goes against the natural order in life, it is a situation in which a parent is forced to bury their child. Under any circumstances, this situation is unbearable. When a child loses their life as a result of another's negligence, it can add another level of emotions to an already catastrophic situation.

Evidence is currently being collected by police in an investigation in Louisiana after a young boy was killed in an accident, and this evidence could help determine whether negligence was in play. In a fatal incident such as this one, one of the first steps -- and one that is required by law -- is to determine whether alcohol or another substance was involved or if it can be ruled out as a factor immediately.

The results of that toxicology screening remained unknown at the time of the report, but there were a few details that were released. The accident occurred on Sunday at approximately four in the evening and involved a school bus in Shreveport. The 59-year-old bus driver had been turning when he struck the 6-year-old child. A claim was made that the child had stepped out of the driver's field of vision.

Emergency responders immediately transported the young boy to a local hospital, but the injuries that he suffered in the crash were too severe. The young boy never made it through to the next morning.

A police investigation into an accident such as this one may never result in criminal sanctions against the driver, but it is important to note that this does not prevent a wrongful death claim from being filed in civil court.

Source: Fox 29, "Bus Accident Claims Life," May 19, 2014

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