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May 2014 Archives

6-year-old loses life in Louisiana bus accident

If there is one thing that goes against the natural order in life, it is a situation in which a parent is forced to bury their child. Under any circumstances, this situation is unbearable. When a child loses their life as a result of another’s negligence, it can add another level of emotions to an already catastrophic situation.

3 vehicles 3 jurisdictions 8 fatalities and 14 injured in crash

On Oct. 2, 2013, an accident occurred that took the lives of eight people and forever altered the lives of at least another 14 people who were injured in the collision. The crash involved three vehicles: a tractor-trailer, an SUV and a church bus. The truck accident also involved parties from at least three different jurisdictions, including Louisiana, North Carolina and Tennessee.

'Buckle Up in Your Truck' an initiative for Louisiana drivers

In southern states, a pickup truck is as American as apple pie. While driving down a Louisiana road, one in every four vehicles is going to be a pickup truck. A truck allows the driver to sit up high and see further than in a passenger car that rests lower to the ground. They can tow large trailers, haul heavy material and drive across off-road terrains.