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Sulphur residents describe anxiously waking up to fatal crash

Residents that live on the stretch of Interstate Highway 10 that runs though Sulphur, Louisiana, recently described what it is like to live so close to a dangerous highway. A resident described it as interesting, while another said that he "always had [his] suspicions that one day something like that could happen" and that it might cause restlessness in nights to come.

The residents were talking about a fatal truck accident that occurred in the early morning hours on Friday, April 25. While waking up to a serious collision may have caused apprehension, it likely didn't come close to what the individuals involved felt as they experienced the incident first-hand.

This incident began when a vehicle stalled on the right side of the highway. There were at least four individuals in the vehicle at the time. Likely knowing that staying on the highway wasn't a safe option, the driver and a Lake Charles woman tried to get the car to the side of the road. The driver got out to push the car and the woman took to the driver's seat to steer.

While they were trying to move the vehicle, an 18-wheeler collided with the back of the smaller car, sending it flying off the road and ejecting the woman from the vehicle. She never survived the injuries she suffered, but others involved were transported to West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital. Their injuries were described as moderate.

Victims that do survive collisions such as this one are often left with the question of whether or not the collision could have been avoided. Was there something that could have been done differently? Why did the driver of the truck fail to see them? The answers to these and other questions after a similar accident can be found through the assistance of a Lake Charles personal injury and wrongful death attorney.

Source: Fox 29, "Interstate accident claims one life," April 25, 2014

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