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April 2014 Archives

Sulphur residents describe anxiously waking up to fatal crash

Residents that live on the stretch of Interstate Highway 10 that runs though Sulphur, Louisiana, recently described what it is like to live so close to a dangerous highway. A resident described it as interesting, while another said that he “always had [his] suspicions that one day something like that could happen” and that it might cause restlessness in nights to come.

Lawsuits filed after offshore collision, 1 by Louisiana seaman

The waters that border the coasts of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are their own subset of the larger economy. The Gulf of Mexico is bustling with ships, barges and bases for the oil, fishing and shipping industries and more. As unique as is this economy, so is the law that covers damages caused by negligence in these waters.

Drunk drivers play role in majority of serious Louisiana crashes

Each year, a particular list is published that ranks each state from number 1 to 50. For the past four years, Louisiana has taken the top spot on this list. Before the readers of our Lake Charles personal injury law blog get excited, ranking top on this chart isn’t necessarily a good thing.