Chemical Toxic Exposure Lawyer

Opportunities for chemical toxic exposure injuries occur in various places, including workplaces, high-traffic areas and residential buildings such as large apartment complexes. Have you been sickened at your workplace (such as at a chemical plant, oil refinery or factory) by toxic substances in the air? Perhaps you were part of a clean-up crew after an explosion, and soon thereafter developed a lung disease that you did not have previously.

Perhaps you were living in, working in or visiting a building that was affected by a chemical spill, with gaseous fumes dispersed through the ventilation system. Perhaps you were injured when antifreeze leaked on your feet as you were using a rental car. Perhaps you became ill after accepting a FEMA trailer as a temporary residence following a hurricane — only to learn later that the trailer was contaminated with dangerous chemicals. Were you sickened by clouds of toxic fumes while working in an oil field or on an offshore oil rig?

Explosions — Burn Injuries

An explosion may have caused serious burns, disfigurement, amputation or death. A lengthy hospitalization, ongoing pain and lasting scarring are all potential outcomes of such an accident.

Whatever the circumstances by which you or your loved one was injured through chemical toxic exposure, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney about how to protect your right to compensation. If you were injured on the job, you may have been told that your only remedy is a workers' compensation claim. However, there may also be a third-party liability claim if another entity besides your employer was negligent.

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