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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

How new tech may reduce distractions for drivers

So many drivers in Louisiana are addicted to their smartphones that it may sound ironic to say new tech could provide a solution to distracted driving; however, there are several new devices that claim to do just that. It depends on whether individual drivers will use the technology. In a National Safety Council survey of 2,400 drivers across the U.S., 55 percent said they could keep safety devices engaged if they came pre-set on their vehicles.

Driving in bright sunlight

Drivers in Louisiana are frequently affected by weather conditions. Drivers may make poor decisions while operating a vehicle during snowstorms and rainstorms. However, sunny weather also poses safety hazards to drivers because the sun's glare can blind a driver. A driver experiencing temporary vision impairment caused by bright sunlight can easily cause a car crash. In 2017, a study revealed that early morning sunlight causes more car accidents than during other times of the day.

Autonomous vehicles and human behavior

Louisiana drivers concerned about road safety when they are sharing the roads with autonomous vehicles should be aware that the cars may not be very safe due to their programming that compels them to drive as humans would. These findings come from a computer science professor who conducts research that is sponsored by both the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology that addresses cyber-physical systems designs created to ensure how the systems will behave.

Traffic survey suggests a sharp increase in distracted driving

A recent survey suggests that the number of drivers who talk on the phone while behind the wheel is skyrocketing. Ironically, the survey also says nearly all of the respondents recognize distracted driving as a significant road hazard. An increase in distracted drivers on the road can have grave consequences across Louisiana.

Safety features may help drivers going in reverse

Beginning in May 2018, all new cars in the United States will be required to have backup cameras. Some automakers have also added rear automatic braking systems as well as rear sensors. The goal is to prevent property damage and loss of life in Louisiana and elsewhere. These features were put to the test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The tests looked at how well the vehicles did at reducing their speed and avoiding collisions with the help of these safety systems.

Study suggests 4/20 holiday leads to more fatal car wrecks

Since the early '90s, April 20 has been a self-proclaimed holiday for marijuana users. Therefore, it's not surprising that car crash rates increase around that date. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana use can impair driving skills. Drivers in Louisiana will want to know more about the connection between the holiday and nationwide crash rates.

AAA: drowsy driving more widespread than one may think

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drowsiness may be contributing to more than 10 percent of car accidents across America. This runs counter to previous statistics, though it has long been held that such statistics come with their own limitations. Louisiana drivers will want to know what these are.

Causes of distracted driving and what to do about them

Louisiana motorists have probably encountered distracted drivers more than once on the road, and perhaps they themselves are distracted from time to time. Smartphones are apparently to blame for most distractions. A survey from Consumer Reports shows that 52 percent of drivers with smartphones have used them to text, send emails, watch videos, and surf the internet while behind the wheel.