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Car Accidents Archives

Wearable device is designed to shock drowsy drivers

Accidents caused by fatigued drivers claim thousands of lives each year around the country according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and public service campaigns that highlight the dangers of drowsy driving have done little to reduce this figure. Tired Louisiana motorists often try to avoid falling asleep behind the wheel by drinking coffee, opening a window or playing loud music, but these strategies rarely keep drivers awake and alert for long.

Higher employment equals more traffic fatalities

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that an improved economy with less unemployment leads to higher death rates on the roads of Louisiana and across the country. Data from 2014 produced a driver death rate of 30 per 1 million registered vehicle years across all 2014 models. This represented an increase from 2011 when the rate was 28. When cross referencing driver death rates with unemployment figures, the institute identified a relationship between the two factors.

Tesla fails to score well in safety tests

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a non-profit agency that carries out tests on trucks, cars and SUVs to assess how well the vehicles perform in crashes. The organization has conducted a series of crash tests on full-size cars. Tesla owners in Louisiana should be aware that the Tesla Model S, which the manufacturer touts as the safest car ever, did not receive high ratings.

Lawmakers call for national self-driving car regulations

Louisiana has taken a proactive approach to the issue of autonomous vehicles, and the state's Department of Transportation and Development announced in May that it had entered into an agreement with the design and engineering firm Arcadis to provide technical assistance and gauge the level of impact that self-driving cars will have. However, many lawmakers in the nation's capital and several road safety advocacy groups feel that the issue should be addressed at the national level.

Rates of child fatalities due to auto accidents

According to a study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and the UT Southwestern Medical Center, the South, including Louisiana, has the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents with fatalities of children under the age of 15. These fatalities are usually linked to the improper use or lack of use of restraints and accidents on rural roads.

Former NFL player killed in Louisiana crash

The Louisiana State Police say that former NFL wide receiver Michael Jackson was traveling at an excessive speed on his Kawasaki motorcycle when he crashed into a vehicle during the early morning hours of May 12. The 48-year-old football veteran and 20-year-old woman operating the vehicle were killed in the accident. The LSP say that they have yet to conclude their investigation and that blood samples have been collected from the accident victims and sent to an area crime laboratory for analysis.

Evidence in a motor vehicle accident lawsuit

Louisiana residents who are involved in a car accident might need to produce evidence to demonstrate that they were not at fault in the accident as well as the extent of their injuries. Once everyone in an accident is stabilized or receiving medical care, it may be a good idea to get photographs of both the accident and of the injuries.

Many Louisiana motorists are driving while distracted

Data from an AT&T campaign shows that there are far too many drivers on the road who aren't always paying attention to traffic. The company found that about three-quarters of drivers use their smart phone while behind the wheel, and about 40 percent of motorists use social media when driving.

Changes to the way car accidents are handled

More self-driving cars are hitting the road, and a number of manufacturers have created computer-driven prototypes. While autonomous vehicles may help to reduce the risk of accidents in Louisiana and around the country since computers don't drive while intoxicated or distracted, accidents will still occur. When a self-driving car crashes, it probably won't be handled the way car accidents are now.

Drivers admit to dangerous behavior in past month

Young people in Louisiana and around the country tend to drive more dangerously, and more of them may think that such behavior is more acceptable than motorists who are in other age groups. However, according to a study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, most drivers of all ages admitted to texting, speeding or other dangerous behaviors in the previous 30 days.